Crown Canyon

The Architectural Symphony is about to begin,
please take your seats and enjoy Crown Canyon

Amethyst at Crown Canyon

a  d e s e r t  j e w e l  i n  t h e  h e a r t  o f  t h e  c i t y™
The Amethyst is the largest and most valuable Homesite in the community. It is unique and complex in its setting, overlooking the neighborhood and the world from its breathtaking perch. The dramatic rock outcroppings provide the hardscape created by nature and weathered by history to become conversation pieces over a drink and socializing from the deck overlooking the valley below.

The Amethyst Residence will set the tone for quality, style, livability, and consistency with its bold setting.
lot size • 5.41 acres (235,573 sq. ft.)
building • height 30 ft. (2 story)
allowed disturbance • 60,000 sq. ft.
conceptual building envelope • 31,549 sq. ft.


2020 - Urban Modern
2020 - Tri-Angulate
2019 - Room of the Year
2018 - Outside In