Crown Canyon

The Architectural Symphony is about to begin,
please take your seats and enjoy Crown Canyon

Garnet at Crown Canyon

a  d e s e r t  j e w e l  i n  t h e  h e a r t  o f  t h e  c i t y™
The Garnet will have direct access to the trail which will lead to the Piestewa Peak recreation area of the Mountain Preserve.

The Garnet Residence will have beautiful views to the east including Four Peaks, as seen through the valley in the distance. Looking to the peaks of the crown of mountains surrounding the neighborhood will provide comfort and community to this beautiful home. This will be a home that will create a defining marker to the neighborhood on the western perimeter of the community.
lot size • 1.68 acres (73,054 sq. ft.)
building height • 30 ft. (2 story)
allowed disturbance • 35% of lot size
conceptual building envelope • 26,826 sq. ft.


2020 - Urban Modern
2020 - Tri-Angulate
2019 - Room of the Year
2018 - Outside In