Crown Canyon

The Architectural Symphony is about to begin,
please take your seats and enjoy Crown Canyon

Jade at Crown Canyon

a  d e s e r t  j e w e l  i n  t h e  h e a r t  o f  t h e  c i t y™
The Jade Residence will be sited above the entry to this magnificent collection of Architectural Art. In the midst of ocotillo, the opportunity for decks and outdoor living may be more pronounced here than anywhere else in the community. Wrapping the slope with angles that are representative of the nature of the Canyon, the Jade Residence will speak to those who look to Crown Canyon from afar. The Jade also affords tremendous views to the east, concealed, yet instilling wonder in what greatness must exist beyond.
lot size 2.75 acres 119,972 sq. ft.
building height 30 ft. / 2 story
allowed disturbance 35% of lot size
conceptual building envelope 31,709 sq. ft.


2020 - Urban Modern
2020 - Tri-Angulate
2019 - Room of the Year
2018 - Outside In