Crown Canyon

The Architectural Symphony is about to begin,
please take your seats and enjoy Crown Canyon

Turquoise at Crown Canyon

a  d e s e r t  j e w e l  i n  t h e  h e a r t  o f  t h e  c i t y™
The Turquoise boasts a grand view to the east. It too will have a view similar to those Homesites to the east, looking north at the dramatic saguaro forest on the steep slope across the canyon. The use of outside decks for living in the desert will provide a cantilevered living space with water features, fire pits and a hot tub, allowing the owners and guests to enjoy the jewel the Turquoise Residence will represent. From the deck you will feel as if you are in a museum of natural history observing the natural display of an untouched topography.
lot size 1.57 acres 68,543 sq. ft.
building height 30 ft. / 2 story
allowed disturbance 35% of lot size
conceptual building envelope 16,893 sq. ft.


2020 - Urban Modern
2020 - Tri-Angulate
2019 - Room of the Year
2018 - Outside In