The Face of a New Era In Architecture

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The Face of a New Era In Architecture

Matt Brock

September 30, 2021
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In June of this year, we welcomed a new addition to the BedBrock Developers team: Stratton Andrews. For years we have worked together and have seen him create amazing works in the industry. It is with great confidence that we know he will provide top tier architecture in-house with us for years to come. Stratton specializes in designing many different facets of the real estate landscape with his portfolio in single family homes, estates, multi-family residences, commercial, and hospitality projects.

Stratton’s passion for architecture spans back to when he was just a young adult. As a student of Architecture at the University of Arizona, Andrews knew he wanted to accomplish big, out of the box ideas at the time as he became involved in designing high end residential homes in the Tucson area. After college, he took his talents to the commercial side of the industry for several years until he was later reunited with his love for designing residential. Part of Stratton’s design style comes from influences of his home state of Connecticut. He works best at being able to transform materials in new ways that expand on the traditional contemporary styles of today.

Stratton stands out from many others in the industry with his skills in interior and exterior design work, site selection, consulting, master planning, 3D rendering, and so much more. Mr. Andrews strives to deliver the best quality with his hands-on approach that is tailored to guide clients from initial site selection to completed construction. His vision for the company is to push unique designs and strategies in Arizona that haven’t been seen yet on a contemporary front as well as deliver a high-quality product that is both cost efficient and sustainable. Stratton believes these processes will elevate Phoenix’s luxury market to a level of competition only seen on a global scale. Together, Stratton and BedBrock aim to perfect the design-build process to those who desire high quality architecture and development that will last for generations.